Life’s Travels 


As we travel through life, we dawn many roles, wear many hats. We are Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Priest, Worker. There comes a point where truth must be found, all distraction must be dealt with. This life is not as simple as we would like, what seems like truth turns out false, what seems like wealth ends up being poverty. What seems like freedom, is in fact bondage. In our travels we must face the greatest demons, namely ourselves. If we keep true to our ideals we grow, if we do not we fail. We have a path, we have a calling, we have a destiny. However, we have the capacity to understand as much as a Tea Leaf has the capacity to understand the history of the East India Company. This is where both Faith and Worship, expands and clarifies the mind and heart.


Each person has a path, based on there choices, and desires. Clarity is both the greatest friend and worst enemy. To understand our path is both the greatest freedom and greatest burden. Based on the tendency of our minds we must seek the greatest clarity and understanding. There are many paths that can provide various levels of clarity and understand. Chandi, the divine mother, can provide this. However once found, we must have courage to tread the path, even if it seems only a diversion to others. A website to start this journey is Shree Maa’s Home page.


My path has taken me far and wide, many places, enjoying the company of many good people. It has been said that to worship, is to pay attention. There are many ways to pay attention, one is ritual, one is meditation, one is art. My form of art is Photography. My form of Meditation is Japa. Ritual is is outline of life, Puja is that life.


It is not my intention to teach on this site, Shree Maa’s site is more than enough for that. It is my intention to share my art, and my passage in life on this site, and in that way worship. I have yet to decide on what form all this will take, so I will leave that in Her hands.


White filled

Oh, All photos are taken with a Leica M